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5-page story
I'll write you a 5-page (approx. 2000 words) story on the topic/subject of your choice.

For questions and stuff, write me a note.


My novel's come to an end. Not for you, for me. I've written it, the very last two episodes/chapters need to go online in the next two weeks. And then... done. It was a long project, lasting a year, and sometimes I feel like I've failed, and sometimes I feel like I did it just right.

I want to write about the experience, and I'll cross-post it as a deviation here and as a post on my blog, but if you have any specific questions or random comments (whether you've read it or not - I don't mind), you can ask them here. I'll make sure I'll answer them in the post.

dA is still my place of posting personal stuff, it turns out. I feel more open here. I can rant, I can grumble, I can go personal. On the blog everybody and their dog is watching me.

So, here's how it goes: I'm editing in English and translating English-to-Romanian a philosophy book that'll make my hair grow white before its time. It's hard work, especially since I have a minor interest in philosophy, which is a very different thing from the Major Interest in Philosophy I'd need to have to make working on it piece of cake.

I have two books from another publishing house that I'm working on translating whenever the philosophy book is too much. They're fun. They're written by a guru of dubious morality, but who's hilarious as hell. His life advice is the usual New Age "live in the present! Enjoy every moment!" sort of thing. I can't say I believe it, but it cheers me up.

I'm ghost-writing something for someone. Supposedly. I got busy and since there was no real deadline... fuck it. I'm bad when there's no deadline in sight.

I'll be teaching a few English classes to a local company here, because some people needed an English 'trainer' in the area and they stumbled across me.

I might also get more translations.

And I might want to revamp one of my never-published stories and submit it to They want to start their own novella/short novel imprint, and I thought, well, why not.

Oh, and some guy wants me to look up some Japanese terms. But that has no deadline, either.

Life is good. And lovely. And, shush, this is semi-secret and stuff, but my love life's cooler than it's ever been. I've found someone who can match me wit for wit, sarcasm for sarcasm, and fluffy romantic stuff for everything else. I've found my inner fluff-monster and it's so cuddly I'm damned if I can recognize myself.

We went out yesterday night and ended up eating at some restaurant in the tourist area of the city at 10 PM.
"Eating late," he said. "We're such crazy kids."
"What's the problem with eating late?" I demanded. "Do you think it'll make me fat? 'Cause that's wishful thinking, let me tell you." (I'm underweight - always have been; not malnourished, but skinny enough to circle my wrists with my thumb and pinky and have room left)
"Well," he answered. "It's a crime against nature, eating late. It starts raining, nature cries, thunder roars its disapproval."
...Ten minutes later, as we were walking around through the plaza, we started getting rained on.
"You and your pathetic fallacies," I grumbled.



Proud owner of 4 DDs and 7 DLDs :D

Off dA:

:bulletgreen:I proofread texts for Project Gutenberg on Distributed Proofreaders. It's fun. Consider this pimping.
:bulletgreen:I translate from Romanian to English and the other way around, if anybody's interested in my services. (I've been hired as a translator before)

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